Monday, October 1, 2007

On the road…next to the insanity we weave…

Man I went off on a tangent didn’t I? Whack my head a little…there. Much better. Lots of stuff happened in the world over the weekend. I found out this morning that Cox & Forkum decided to leave editorial cartooning (h/t: LGF). It’s a damn shame, I’ll miss their work. I wish you fair winds and following seas gentlemen.

In me stuff, I figured out an impromptu drying rack using the little oval shaped auto sunshades (about $10 at Wal-Mart or target for a pair). Just be sure you have a few smooth rocks to weigh the thing down in case of wind. I’m enjoying my loaner camp stove (can cook real food – yes). We still haven’t found a place, and I’m trying to reorganize the car (help me Unclutterer!). Eeehhh.

Supposedly a UN envoy (h/t: Reuters) is trying to meet with the junta in Myanmar, after ‘only 10’ protesters were mowed down by government forces. From what I heard on the Bill Handel show this morning, add a few zeroes to that number at a minimum. Yes folks, yet another example of human caused idiocy in the world. Via LGF and Gates of Vienna, the EU is revamping Nuremberg in the name of ‘multiculturalism’. There’s even a nifty name – the Racial Equality Directive. Here, let me just sign ‘dhimmi’ on the dotted line. I wonder if my aunt-in-law is reconsidering her decision to live in France. I have a better idea EU. Look at this old California proposition. Some might disagree, but it would’ve been a good step. Guess who opposed it? MEChA of course. I almost don’t blame Tom Cruise for building a bunker. At this rate, he’ll need it not to hold off aliens, but to hold off the wave of stupidity that’s sweeping the planet. Got room in there for me Tom? (/sarc)

I’ll just sign ‘human’ for now. Til next post, it's 2212 days since 9/11 and still no one's caught Osama Bin Laden, and at 52 days and counting, I'm still homeless.

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